The portrait of Lady’s dining room

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Pardon moi the bad lighting here (both the new construction home fixture and the fact that it’s been overcast here in PA for-evah and I needed it on tonight, but I absolutely refused to put off dining room pictures for even one more meal)

So Isabel Archer’s and Ralph Touchett’s musings were the first that I cozied up in bed with at night when we moved into our new house a little bit over a week ago, and I just plain ol’ had to incorporate them into a post somehow.  Ex-pat authors, persistent suitors, stoic aunts, European travels…they all remind me of my dining room, right?


Showing off her granola bar from Daddy…food is art, right?

Anyhoo, like I said we’ve only been here for a week and change, so I haven’t even begun to do the design things that I have mind for this new abode.  I don’t like to rush it.  In the “old days” (you know, like four years ago or something…eons) I felt a deranged anxiety to cover walls that led to many decorating mistakes.  That was our first house.  Second house, I learned my lesson and took my time.  I explored blogs, magazines and my own love of colors, unusual combinations and live-able design, and I was pretty well into what I wanted done by the time we found out that baby number three was coming and we’d have to add a few more sticks to the nest.


My favorite feathered friend that used to hang on a chalkboard in the entryway at the old house – a fabulous pick-up at Kohl’s during their 70% off after-Christmas clearance (actually a tree ornament that came with a good story from a cashier who once found a bird in her Christmas tree)

What I have done so far (thanks to my hubby and his toolbox this evening) begins with some 90 inch curtains that were an awesome find at Christmas Tree Shoppes for $12.99 a panel.  Slate blue and faux silk (who needs the real thing when allegedly-washable paint from homeschool projects and flying spaghetti sauce – shudder! – will tie-dye them eventually?).  I have an immense passion for interesting shades of blue.  Nothing pastel here – give me robin’s egg, slate, anything with nature as a part of the name.  Capital A adore it.


“The most important things in life aren’t things” is absolutely a motto as well as great wall art.  I like that I can see my children eating or drawing or playing or learning at the dining table and then reflect on this sentiment hovering up above them.

Exactly right.

I also had a great big painting in sepia tones of trees, a fence and a road to nowhere, somewhere, anywhere (Target – it’s from there, but possibly it’s leading me to it, as well) and paired it with the sign right above that was another Christmas Tree Shoppes catch that I had at the old house.  I have a big time crush on white plates, so the picture might end up with some un-painted ladies of the ceramic variety on either side eventually.


Okay, and a must in our dining room, since it’s carpeted (we chose this particular new construction model because of the open floor plan, which includes a dining room right off of the family room) is a cool rug.  Cool, to me, means good eye candy but also tough enough to withstand the stuff that ends up off my kiddos’ forks and onto the floor.  An area rug from Target, gray with something like light olive-colored leaves.  I like to think of their color as the cuddly baby of an asparagus and an avocado.  Why not?


“Can I get in a picture yet?”


Of course.  After all, my little people (and my big one) are my favorite things in any house. :o)