New to gardening step by step guide – Guaranteed better results

Dear Fellow Gardener

Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Kelly Barnwell.  You’ve probably never heard of me before, but when you finish reading this, you’ll be glad you finally did.

First of all I would like to ask you a few questions:

    • Do you have a garden space that is either not looking its best – or at worst is a complete mess?
    • Are you uncertain about what you need to do first to get started in the garden?
    • Are you baffled by gardening jargon?
    • Are you unsure about the best way to get rid of garden pests?
    • Are you confused about what plants will grow in different conditions?
    • Are you worried about the amount of time and money it will take to achieve a successful garden?



  • Does this sound like you? Well now you are in luck – you have found this website and I am here to help you.


Let me tell you how all this came about.

I know what it is like to look at a garden space and wonder what to do and how to do it. When I first started out I tried to find help but everywhere I looked there was just too much information – often difficult to understand and frequently confusing. And I also discovered that other new gardeners were very much in the same situation – uncertain and unsure about how to start gardening.


What I needed was a straightforward
step-by-step guide in plain simple language –
there wasn’t one available – so I was inspired to write this guide based on my own experiences gained from my own garden

The Ultimate Guide to Gardening for Beginners

This website, the newsletter, and my eBook The Ultimate Guide toguide to gardening Gardening for Beginners are the result. This eBook is one of a series aimed specifically at those of you, with limited time, money and resources, who are unsure how to get started and want simple and easy-to-follow steps to achieve confidence in your gardening. 

And because I understand how that feels, I now want to share this information with you. I want to help you – to encourage you to start gardening and to find the joy in gardening!

You will discover :

How to take those first steps in gardening
and achieve success!

The Ultimate Guide to Gardening for Beginners is divided up into 5 easy-to-understand sections:

  • What You Need to Know – explains in simple terms the basic information you need
  • Plants – gives different types of plants and how to care for them
  • The Gardening Year –explains how you can garden all year round
  • Friends and Enemies in the Garden – describes how to deal with pests, including slugs and snails, and encourage friendly wildlife into the garden
  • Growing from Seed – provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions

Regardless of how large or small your garden space:

  • You will create an idea of what you want for your garden
  • You will discover how to prepare your garden space
  • You will find out what tools you need
  • You will understand about composting and mulching
  • You will learn about the different types of plants and planting styles
  • You will find out how to look after your plants
  • You will gain knowledge of gardening techniques
  • You will discover how to deal with pests in the garden
  • You will learn how to grow plants from seed

And that’s not all …

  • You will find tips and short cuts
  • You will find out what tasks are carried out at what time of year
  • You will learn the meaning of gardening terminology

As you can see, this really is the ultimate guide for anyone new to gardening. Imagine being able to show your family and friends your beautiful garden and proudly tell them that it was all your own creation!

Kelly Barnwell

P.S. You will be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start gardening with The Ultimate Guide to Gardening for Beginners, so don’t delay – get your copy now!