Semicolon Ring


Item Type: Rings
Fine or Fashion: Fashion
Occasion: Party
Style: Punk
Setting Type: None
Model Number: –
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Gender: Women
Shape\pattern: Geometric
Material: Metal
Rings Type: Wedding Bands
Brand Name: fashion lychee
Compatibility: –
Function: –
Surface Width: –

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A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Lean and Fit

Staying fit and lean is quite hard for anyone, but especially for the average mum because of all the effort required to work out and to buy healthier food which is, most of the time, far more expensive. Even if you put in all the hours at the gym, somehow, you still don’t see the results you want. You end up either too thin, too bulky, or just not seeing the changes you want for a leaner and fitter look. However, tons of fitness gurus and nutritionists actually say that being fit isn’t that hard and can actually be done in the confines of your home. Following these simple tips, you’ll achieve a fitter and better you in no time.



One misconception that people have when it comes to weight loss is that they starve themselves in order to lose weight. What they don’t know is that the body is too smart for that. If the body is in starvation mode, it takes up and saves anything that it consumes. This is why even if you lessen your food intake, it will only collect in your love handles. The best diet tip for you mums is to know how much food your body should consume based on your weight and muscle mass. There are websites that provide free calculations of the amount of calorie intake one must consume in order to function. Are you into planning? Go for planners or planner inserts with features that allow you to keep track of your diet and your progress. It’ll help stay motivated to stick to that routine once you see the results.



As related to the first point; you shouldn’t starve yourself but you shouldn’t overeat as well. Always eat calories enough for your body to function but have around a 15% deficit of your calorie consumption for your body to use your own fats and carbohydrate stores to fuel all your metabolic requirements. This means your body is not hungry enough to hoard food but it’s hungry enough to use up your fats as energy instead of the food you eat. Getting fit at home starts with what you feed your body so watch what you eat by using calorie counters like MyFitnessPal. Again, you can always make use of those free planner inserts; always go for the ones that let you keep track of your progress.



Stocking up on proteins is the best way to build muscle and feel fuller longer. This is why you should leave a larger calorie portion for proteins. A high protein diet consisting of lean meats like turkey, chicken, and fish is great if you’re trying to lose weight and build muscles. However, don’t be afraid to consume fats and oils because your body needs this in order to absorb certain nutrients better as well as give some anti-cancer benefits to your body. A good way to start your diet plan is to reserve around 40% of your calorie intake on lean meats and around 10% on fats.



Contrary to popular belief, it’s carbohydrates, not fats, that’s making you fatter. Sugars from carbohydrates are consumed by your body for energy and excess of this is used to create starch and fat stores in your body so loading up on carbs will lead to those dreaded love handles. Also, people loading up on fruits (because they’re healthy) and eating too much of them are basically stocking themselves up with sugar so eat the required amount of fruits in order to derive benefit from them without adding to your waistline. A great healthy eating tip would be to substitute white bread, rice, and pastas for whole grain alternatives like brown rice and wheat bread. They will provide the same caloric requirement but will give you more fiber and will be digested slower, thus reducing blood sugar spikes every after meals.



Getting fit anywhere, whether at home or at the gym, requires some lifting. There are tons of health benefits to lifting weights, from fixing your posture and increasing muscle strength to improving musculoskeletal and mental health. Lifting weights is a must-do work out if you’re looking to add more definition to your body. Don’t believe the myth that you’ll become too muscular and bulky. Your muscle mass will only increase if you increase your food intake as well. So, have a balanced diet and schedule some strength training 3 times a week and you’ll see the positive changes in no time.



If you notice, those people spending hours on the treadmill don’t really get any leaner. They just end up looking smaller and thinner. In fact, health specialists have concluded that people who do more than 30-40 minutes of cardio training are less likely to build because their body ends up in the catabolic state, thus lowering their muscle mass and lowering their metabolism, making it harder for them to lose weight. A healthy tip would be to lessen your cardio time to around 30 minutes every day and add some strength training once in awhile in order to get the optimum amount of health benefits like improving cardiovascular health as well as increasing muscle strength. Also, adjust what you’re eating to how much effort you’re putting to each exercise because having a low caloric intake while doing high-intensity exercises might leave you weak and hypoglycemic.



The main point in being lean and fit is to achieve the perfect balance between your calorie intake and exercise. Be sure to always have a balanced meal that won’t make up too much calories as this may lead you to look too bulky and muscular. Also, keep active and exercise at least 5 times a week to help burn some extra calories as well as increase your muscle strength and definition. Don’t forget to have the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your system in order for you to utilize your energy stores more efficiently throughout the day. Also, drink plenty of water in order to hydrate yourself and help your metabolic system perform efficiently. Doing just the right exercise and eating just the right amount of food and drinking adequate amounts of water is a sure fire way to getting lean and fit.


Hopefully, this article will help you achieve the dream body you’ve always wanted. Try these tips out and let us know your success story.

Green play-dough here, a birthday cake there, and a way to help out


My girlfriends and I like birthday surprises – even when we’re openly marching through a clubhouse playroom with a plate of cupcakes and candles during our St. Patrick’s Day playdate!  Our good friend Kelly’s 29th birthday was the other week, so we organized her little party in tandem with our Patty kids party and combined two fun events into one.


The kids got into the cupcakes right away…good thing we had multiple boxes!


…and another good thing: Kelly made the most fabulous shamrock pretzels for all of the kids!  You’ll have to read further down to see what Libby did with hers…


Happy birthday, Kel!  (blowing out candles with the help of her two handsome sons)


Gift time!


Okay, I’d mentioned that Libby had some creative ways to eat her pretzels or rather “clean up” the beautiful plating that Kelly did.  Little icing dots around the side?  Quickly extinct thanks to my hungry-asaurus.


At least all of our youngest ones seem to share a love of food.  “Why can’t they just let us be, right bud?”

P.S. Kelly’s cousin Kathy was injured a few months ago in a traumatic accident that left her paralyzed all while being pregnant and caring for her two other children.  Kelly has compiled a fantastic cookbook to benefit Kathy, a nurse who wasn’t far enough in her new job to have full insurance benefits.  If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, send an email to and I can put you in contact with Kelly.  Thanks!

Scenery of a Home

chair picture

In expectation of our third daughter this summer, Jesus helped our old house – which we loved but was very small – to sell, and He greatly blessed us with a beautiful, larger new home to raise our darling brood of wild childs.  (I know, I know, terrible grammer.  Wild “children” just doesn’t sound the same!)

Praise Him for His provision and joy, including the blessing of our old house as well as the one before that, and in advance for everything to come.  More small breaths of bliss to look forward to just as I share little pieces of our former nest here now…







sheet music

silhouette table

“In the rush and noise of life, as you have intervals, step home within yourselves and be still.  Wait upon God, and feel His good presence…”  (William Penn – fellow Philadelphia fan, of course!)

The portrait of Lady’s dining room

kelly at home blog


Pardon moi the bad lighting here (both the new construction home fixture and the fact that it’s been overcast here in PA for-evah and I needed it on tonight, but I absolutely refused to put off dining room pictures for even one more meal)

So Isabel Archer’s and Ralph Touchett’s musings were the first that I cozied up in bed with at night when we moved into our new house a little bit over a week ago, and I just plain ol’ had to incorporate them into a post somehow.  Ex-pat authors, persistent suitors, stoic aunts, European travels…they all remind me of my dining room, right?


Showing off her granola bar from Daddy…food is art, right?

Anyhoo, like I said we’ve only been here for a week and change, so I haven’t even begun to do the design things that I have mind for this new abode.  I don’t like to rush it.  In the “old days” (you know, like four years ago or something…eons) I felt a deranged anxiety to cover walls that led to many decorating mistakes.  That was our first house.  Second house, I learned my lesson and took my time.  I explored blogs, magazines and my own love of colors, unusual combinations and live-able design, and I was pretty well into what I wanted done by the time we found out that baby number three was coming and we’d have to add a few more sticks to the nest.


My favorite feathered friend that used to hang on a chalkboard in the entryway at the old house – a fabulous pick-up at Kohl’s during their 70% off after-Christmas clearance (actually a tree ornament that came with a good story from a cashier who once found a bird in her Christmas tree)

What I have done so far (thanks to my hubby and his toolbox this evening) begins with some 90 inch curtains that were an awesome find at Christmas Tree Shoppes for $12.99 a panel.  Slate blue and faux silk (who needs the real thing when allegedly-washable paint from homeschool projects and flying spaghetti sauce – shudder! – will tie-dye them eventually?).  I have an immense passion for interesting shades of blue.  Nothing pastel here – give me robin’s egg, slate, anything with nature as a part of the name.  Capital A adore it.


“The most important things in life aren’t things” is absolutely a motto as well as great wall art.  I like that I can see my children eating or drawing or playing or learning at the dining table and then reflect on this sentiment hovering up above them.

Exactly right.

I also had a great big painting in sepia tones of trees, a fence and a road to nowhere, somewhere, anywhere (Target – it’s from there, but possibly it’s leading me to it, as well) and paired it with the sign right above that was another Christmas Tree Shoppes catch that I had at the old house.  I have a big time crush on white plates, so the picture might end up with some un-painted ladies of the ceramic variety on either side eventually.


Okay, and a must in our dining room, since it’s carpeted (we chose this particular new construction model because of the open floor plan, which includes a dining room right off of the family room) is a cool rug.  Cool, to me, means good eye candy but also tough enough to withstand the stuff that ends up off my kiddos’ forks and onto the floor.  An area rug from Target, gray with something like light olive-colored leaves.  I like to think of their color as the cuddly baby of an asparagus and an avocado.  Why not?


“Can I get in a picture yet?”


Of course.  After all, my little people (and my big one) are my favorite things in any house. :o)

New to gardening step by step guide – Guaranteed better results

Dear Fellow Gardener

Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Kelly Barnwell.  You’ve probably never heard of me before, but when you finish reading this, you’ll be glad you finally did.

First of all I would like to ask you a few questions:

    • Do you have a garden space that is either not looking its best – or at worst is a complete mess?
    • Are you uncertain about what you need to do first to get started in the garden?
    • Are you baffled by gardening jargon?
    • Are you unsure about the best way to get rid of garden pests?
    • Are you confused about what plants will grow in different conditions?
    • Are you worried about the amount of time and money it will take to achieve a successful garden?



  • Does this sound like you? Well now you are in luck – you have found this website and I am here to help you.


Let me tell you how all this came about.

I know what it is like to look at a garden space and wonder what to do and how to do it. When I first started out I tried to find help but everywhere I looked there was just too much information – often difficult to understand and frequently confusing. And I also discovered that other new gardeners were very much in the same situation – uncertain and unsure about how to start gardening.


What I needed was a straightforward
step-by-step guide in plain simple language –
there wasn’t one available – so I was inspired to write this guide based on my own experiences gained from my own garden

The Ultimate Guide to Gardening for Beginners

This website, the newsletter, and my eBook The Ultimate Guide toguide to gardening Gardening for Beginners are the result. This eBook is one of a series aimed specifically at those of you, with limited time, money and resources, who are unsure how to get started and want simple and easy-to-follow steps to achieve confidence in your gardening. 

And because I understand how that feels, I now want to share this information with you. I want to help you – to encourage you to start gardening and to find the joy in gardening!

You will discover :

How to take those first steps in gardening
and achieve success!

The Ultimate Guide to Gardening for Beginners is divided up into 5 easy-to-understand sections:

  • What You Need to Know – explains in simple terms the basic information you need
  • Plants – gives different types of plants and how to care for them
  • The Gardening Year –explains how you can garden all year round
  • Friends and Enemies in the Garden – describes how to deal with pests, including slugs and snails, and encourage friendly wildlife into the garden
  • Growing from Seed – provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions

Regardless of how large or small your garden space:

  • You will create an idea of what you want for your garden
  • You will discover how to prepare your garden space
  • You will find out what tools you need
  • You will understand about composting and mulching
  • You will learn about the different types of plants and planting styles
  • You will find out how to look after your plants
  • You will gain knowledge of gardening techniques
  • You will discover how to deal with pests in the garden
  • You will learn how to grow plants from seed

And that’s not all …

  • You will find tips and short cuts
  • You will find out what tasks are carried out at what time of year
  • You will learn the meaning of gardening terminology

As you can see, this really is the ultimate guide for anyone new to gardening. Imagine being able to show your family and friends your beautiful garden and proudly tell them that it was all your own creation!

Kelly Barnwell

P.S. You will be amazed at how simple and easy it is to start gardening with The Ultimate Guide to Gardening for Beginners, so don’t delay – get your copy now!

Tips for dining room designs

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